Under Construction

Recently my younger son and I rebuilt the steps of our front and back decks. We had no experience but a lot of ambition. And we were successful.

It’s been years since I’ve built a website.

In fact, I could measure the time by the number of children I had since I last built a website.

It was two kids ago. Two. And the oldest of those two kids is eight years-old. That means that my last foray into web design was the entirety of a two-term American presidents time in office.

And wow, have things changed since then.

Why now? Why, at age 41, am I building a new website? I’m glad you asked, rhetorical person who only exists in my head.

For a lot of reasons. My job asked me to. I have been working as a real-time captionist for a number of years, and one of the ways that higher-ups want to get a sense of the work that we do is by looking at an e-portfolio. You’ll find that on this site, under the menu Real-Time Captioning.

I’m also trying to restart my writing career. For a brief time (three kids ago, when I only had one kid, who at the writing of this post is preparing to leave for his first year of college), I was actively pursuing a career as a writer, and I have the few published credits to prove it. But life, (kids, work, kids) sort of took precedence. But now I have a bit more time to pursue the written word again. So you’ll find that on this site, under the menu, Writing.

Additionally, you’ll find places for my other creative pursuits – podcasting , stand up comedy and design work. These are there to both entertain you and possibly generate possible income (for me, not you. That’d be silly). They’ll be under the podcasts, comedy and design menus.

But for now, this post will serve as a launchpad. Bookmark the home page and come back often.

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