Storytime with Uncle Jeremy (2017 – ongoing)

I’ve always liked a good challenge. In 2017 I participated in National Podcast Posting Month (Podvember), and started a show where I talk about pretty much anything. I tell stories, discuss music, talk about the news and tell jokes. I liked the show so much, I continue to do it as often as I can.

To visit the Spreaker page for this show, click here.

Because I Said So (2016 – ongoing)

Some dads like to take their kids fishing. On these fishing trips, dads try to drop knowledge on their children, offering advice and listening to their thoughts. I don’t fish, but I do podcast. And this podcast is pretty much how a fishing trip with my kids and I would sound like.

To visit the Spreaker Page for this show, click here.

Mind the Gaps: A Journey through Popular Culture (2016 – ongoing)

I’ve always been a film fan, but over the years I’ve discovered gaps in my pop culture IQ. I was surprised by the number of films I had not seen that are considered classics by some. So I decided to rectify that in podcast form.

To visit the Spreaker page for this show, click here.

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