Funny to A Degree

It was a crazy idea.

My first attempt at stand-up comedy was in 1999. My wife and I were working at a mountain lodge doing pretty much anything customer service related (waiting tables, working the front desk, etc.) and we also served as the directors of special activities for our fellow employees.

One of these activities was a talent show, and I figured I’d finally give telling jokes on stage a shot. Why not? It was a safe place, right?

I bombed.

Big time.

And I gave up for about ten years. When I did stand-up again, this time to mixed results at a fundraising event. And then I waited another ten years.

On July 3, 2018, I decided to seriously try out stand-up for the fourth time. But I needed a reason to keep going.

Long story short: I pitched doing a stand-up comedy special as the final project in the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Individual Studies. This was the last thing I had to do in order to graduate. So presented in its best form possible, is my stand-up special, Funny to A Degree.


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